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Snowboards for everyone. Easy handling and easy turning are the key features for these skiers. For anyone who is more comfortable at lower speeds and who enjoys prepared pistes. Ideal models for beginners and those getting back into the swing of things, who want to improve and yet who are still at the beginning of their skiing career.

  • HEAD Rocka FW 4D


Snowboard for advanced level riders. For these riders it is pleasure and comfort that matter. The latest models mean less energy expenditure and greater stability. They can be used predominantly on prepared pistes, yet are also suitable for occasional forays out into open terrain. There are special models for the piste, freeriding, Park & Pipe.

  • HEAD Flocka FW 4D


  • NITRO Lectra

  • NITRO Prime

  • K2 Raygun

  • ATOMIC Cloud 7


Snowboards for performance-oriented and experienced riders. The emphasis in these models is on sporty performance and precision, coupled with the utmost safety and stability. The latest models and innovative technology can be found in this category. Snowboard for slalom, giant slalom, on-piste and off-piste availalbe.

  • NITRO Team

  • NITRO Magnum